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With the new Ovato Coin users will get rewarded from everyday purchases and be a part of daily deals from local, national and international merchants. Merchants will now save time and money by marketing directly to users. Social Media and influencing participants will be rewarded for their participation while charitable donations that result from shopping will finally get to their intended source, the end user

Rewards, Social and Giving

As the amount of time spent online rises globally, advertising campaigns continue to shift from traditional to digital marketing.

With the evolution of digital consumption it becomes more and more difficult to find an advertising approach that grabs the audience’s attention. In the past few years companies and agencies discovered Influencer Marketing to be the strategy with the greatest potential and return.


In the new paradigm, Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin are slowly replacing traditional currencies. This has given rise to the next generation of Smart Coins such as Ovato, bringing the technology directly to the consumer level. Firstly, our network will provide discounts on everyday shopping. Then we provide rebates and loyalty rewards for using our exclusive platform. Secondly, we help merchants market directly to targeted prospects and then reward users for sharing these Special Offers in their Social Networks. Thirdly, we dramatically liberate the Giving Industry by allocating funds directly through the blockchain thus eliminating leakage in efficiencies.

Ovato Inc


  • Size of market

    The size of the Ovato marketplace attempt to destrupt the $22 trillion shopping industry

  • No entry barrier

    Ovato calls for massive adoption to its tokens by offering large scale rewards and incentives for participation through large scale strategic relationships

  • smart partnerships

    Ovato has already operational with key strategic partners such as Bitovation and representing over 950 nationwide USA brands

  • Precision

    Top-flight management team already assembled to hit the ground running quickly

The Perfect Digital Currency for Real Life!

With the new Ovato Coin users will get rewarded from everyday purchases and be a part of daily deals from both national and local merchants. Merchants can now save time and market directly to Users. Social Media and influencer participants can now get rewarded for their participation. And Charity donations resulting from shopping rewards can finally get to the intended source.

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